“Honestly this Census shit is blowing mines. Not that I’m not for mo’ money, mo’ money mo’ money, but are all these damn advertisements necessary?!? Like they hooked up with the makers of McDonalds. Can’t go anywhere without seeing one. Seems as if they pulled out the big guns with the black folks.  BET, Mo’Nique, smh..NAS (C’mon Nasty Nasir??? That child supports a bitch huh?) It’s as if without this Census we’re going to be easing on down the road to community bankruptcy.  Whatever as long as theses commercials stop I’m straight.”

It's also in your pocket.



“Music to my ears. A native of the UK, Dan Black is on the rise as a solo artist. As of 2007 when he parted ways from his former alternative rock band The Servant. What really got him his window into recognition was his song HYPNTZ, a mash of of my man Biggie Smalls and the hit Umbrella.”

“Fall in love again music heads.”

Home Made Fashionables

“So as we get into our new year, we also make some necessary changes to go along with. Not to go on and on about personal tidbits, but just know I’m making a change for the better. Not only me but my family. We’re going into business and starting up something that we as a community can all benefit from. Be on the lookout for new fashions coming from the Bronx New York courtesy of me and my affiliate BitterSweet.

We customize glasses and are soon to come out with other gear in the near future. These bad boys are custom, that means one of a kind. Oh 2010 I feel the love!!”