B.o.B – Bet I Bust

“All the way real.. i put this up here for T.I.’s pretty smile :)”


Exit Through the Gift Shop

“An in Depth look at the counter cultural movement called “Street Art”. You can define it as a child of graffiti, because it envelopes more than just ‘tags with cans’. The movie is generally focused around Bansky, a notoriously secretive street artist by way of the UK.”

Heres a few of his creations…

Death to PayPhones

Spread 'Em

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Nikki NTU

Nikki NTU

Travel as much as possible, savor the time spent home, speak truth, and bask in the silence. Praying through it all, my words will connect, inspire, and be inspired by others. Simply…I’m just here for the experience.
“Nikki NTU (GOV: Nicole Theresa Reid) is a young musician out of Brooklyn New York. She’s currently on the rise and there should be no doubt about it. With a flow that just make ya head nod, and lyrics that are the basis of the real, and metaphors that enlighten inner thoughts that are suppressed by constant media intake. ILL! Peep her Blog, I’m feeling that track “GIANT” ooo… Mixtape Feinin’!”

NBA2K11 is Calling All MC’s

NBA2K11 MC Contest

” Duck Down Music and 2kSports Presents: NBA2K11 Soundtrack Contest: MC Phase. All aspiring Producers and MC’s are welcome to participate in hopes of having their track heard on the soundtrack for NBA2K11! More Details here.”

See You There >:]