Model City

L to R : Nelson, Ibrahim, Zeric, Wendell

“The show Model City on Centricl is among one of my favorite shows on TV. That is a lot considering the only channels I watch are VH1Soul and.. yeah thats about it. The premise of the show revolves around Male Models from the New York based company RED. The season had ended about 2 weeks ago, but I’m hoping it gets picked up for another run. This show isn’t typical, just showcasing the agency and fashion shows, but actually delves into each models life showcasing their talents, backgrounds, and troubles that arises with modeling and thier natural lives.”

Salieu Falloh for Beneton

One of Reds emerging models Salieu hailing from my hometown.

Wendell Lissimore at Hermes Fashion Show

Wendell reminds me of a caramel Antonio Banderas. He’s dating another one of my favorite models Sessilee Lopez.

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