Tune In

How We Change

Currently bumping this while I post. Damn how Common has grown into an adult. This album is ill, but you can see the young’in in him.

Common Sense

Can I Borrow A Dollar


*Breaker 1/9, Puppy Chow, Tricks Up My Sleeve


Big fan of Damien, and respecter of Nasir Jones, this album is everything it should be. Amazing production, Lyrical genius, and synchronized wordplay, the relationship between these two reminds me of earlier Nas and AZ.

Nas & Damien Marley

Distant Relatives


*Patience, As We Enter, My Generation

Wake and Bake

Currently my favorite mixtape out now. Wiz Khalifa I had to get up on him, felt I wasn’t giving him a chance so I did with Kush n OJ and man am I glad I did that. Great Production, Smooth vocals, and hypnotizing lyrics. Really his aura brings you in.

Wiz Khalifa

Kush & OJ


*Up, Spotlight, In the Cut, Slim Skit

Some others I’m bumping..

Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea

The Who – Greatest Hits and More

Michael Jackson – Got to Be There

Major Lazer – Guns Don’t Kill People

…. I was going to post the links, but.. . no.



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