The Scarlet Letter Premio 9

When I first saw these (Steez) I automatically thought of The Scarlett Letter. Maybe because of the red stamp used to seal letters back int the 17th-18th century, but I know that I’m in love.

Air J's 9 Premio Bin 23

Little confession, never owned a pair of Jordans. (Blogging Fam, and Sneaker Fiens don’t kill me.)

WHAT?? I was a female and mom’s never saw the necessity in having a pair of Jordans, especially at the amount they were running for. Kids were getting jumped and pumped for their Jordans, ma dukes wanted no part in that.

I mean of course I could’ve bought J’s when I had a job, but at that time I was over the craze of them.

That is of course, until now…

Well they’ll be available May 29th in selected retailers worldwide, and June 5th in the United States.

Grind Hard. Get Yours



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