Fresh || Jam’s Nikes’

Jam's Nikes

On West 4th where I spotted these babies.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you which ones they are on account of I was intoxicated and I can’t make out the name ofit.

They belong to a cat named Jam. He’s French, a photographer, and works well with others.

I got these from Nike Town, they were dark overall and I wanted them to pop so I changed the laces with these. – Jam





3 thoughts on “Fresh || Jam’s Nikes’

  1. hey, sasha!!!!

    thanks for the post, loved it!
    Hope you are well. Always seeing if you’re around on my day walk, lol.
    You made me want to take my shoes in photo, like with a very good lens and all to keep them as beautiful as they are, forever young!!!!


    • Glad you liked it Jam, even more thrilled you commented. Hope all is well, and you are being forever young, as well as I. Wishing you get a chance to listen to some of my tracks, always love input, negative or positive.

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