Review x Movie || The Karate Kid

This movie was awesome!

No lie and not even to be biased in any way, young Jaden did his thing on-screen and proved to me, and everybody that went to 161st Multiplex Cinema in The Bronx, on June 15th 2010 that he didn’t only inherit his father’s good looks, but his skills on camera as well.

I never got to see The Pursuit of Happiness, so this is my first time seeing Jaden on the big screen, most times having a super rich, super influential Daddy can damage their offsprings image. Jaden smashed that complex by coming into his own in this film.

Jaden Smith as "Dre Parker"

Another round of applause goes to Jackie for his surprisingly endearing role as Mr. Miyagi Mr. Han, in reprising (in a way) the role of the anti-social Kung-Fu master played originally by Pat Morita. It was a side of Jackie I haven’t seen. His chemistry with Jaden was nothing less than natural.

Jackie Chan as "Mr. Han"

Of course the movie pays homage to the original, with its 80’s -esque integrity, the film gets to the point in a way that isn’t rushed or details going unseen. I’d recommend it no doubt. Family fun, and all ages can get a KICK out of it. ( :B )

The Karate Kid

UPDATE: Acccording to Box Office Mojo The Karate Kid grossed a total of $55,665,805 in its opening week. Coming in first at the box office. (A-Team following second with $25,669,455.)



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