My “L”

Looking at my blog status while I was on an unexpected, and unwanted hiatus (more on that later), I kept a steady stream of readers checking in on my page, and just scrolling some post.

Today though, the day I get BACK my charger, well a new one altogether I see that I had low views.

SMH No Bueno


Basically I have a Mac-Book that I do all of my work on, thing is the battery is dead. So without the charger Luv (thats his name) won’t work. The charger somehow got damaged this weekend (bad ass lil kids) and I was forced to suck it up and explore the world. Which in a way was good for me. Did a lot of walking, thinking, and analyzing. Came to the conclusion that I can be everything I say I am, and no one’s going to hold my hand and show me the way. Its time to man up and go get it. Nothings handed to you, and ain’t a gottdamn thing free.

So I’m back on deck.

Full Force.

Big B for "the Bronx" B.U.M.M.s


The idea for the mixtape just came to me as I wrote this so be on the lookout for it no later than this year. THIS YEAR.


Union Square Cypher June 26th

The 26th it’s going down, BASEMENT. Well Park, Union Square Park that is. Apologize for the image size but W.E.

Big, Large, Enormous Cypher. Bring together talented individuals and cameras and you have a good ass time. See You There

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