Yes Dear…

No one can tell you how to live your life… and if you’ve let someone tell you how to live your life , from whatever point up until now (as your reading this “new post” on then your a pussy. And you should probably eat one too. None the less , things like this happen. Its not your fault (yes it is) You have to be the captain of your own ship, if your not playing captain and the ship has a wreck, whomever else was will gladly give up the title and hand you back the captains hat as soon as the ship starts to sink and the life boats are being boarded. I must say… even though he is young my brother might be a genius.

He blatantly told me “Sasha… its my life , let me live it


This lil nigga 9. We were in the library and he told me this to my face when I told him to finish his homework.

Precious.. your beautiful , you have amazing qualities that no one else has.
Your meant to influence this small world in a big way.
Don’t ever let these devils play you down or belittle your soul.
Don’t ever let someone feel they have the upper hand over you
Don’t you EVER feel you aren’t worthy to be on this earth.
You are specific and true, fuck them other guys.
Be You !!!

Its cool to listen to mommy and daddy, granma and granpa, sister and brother, cousin auntie uncle and whomever else… but at the end of the day.. you only have one life, live it right. What’s Right? The way that makes you Happy.
Obey your Father, Respect you Mother.

Love and Peace